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Why Go Health?

Go Health came about as the result of two friends chatting about their personal fitness and general health concerns and goals, especially as they were getting older.

Both had led active lives, playing top level sport, skiing, climbing, mountain biking but with busy working lives and growing families there seemed to be less time for fitness and sport.

Both had tried various fad diets and neither had managed to find one that worked long term. It became clear that keeping fit and healthy was a challenge they had in common. The question was what could they do?

With so many health brands available offering so many variations, for the novice it’s very difficult to know what is best and asking doesn’t necessarily produce the answer, especially as we aren’t really body builders or regular gym goers. We simply wanted to improve our fitness without having to make big life changes.

We threw ideas back and forth as to what would make our lives easier, such as a simple breakfast options for those days when there is no time to plan a healthy breakfast, and decided to explore how to create our own range of products with the focus on the everyday challenges.


It soon became obvious that we needed help, so we spoke with nutritionists and fitness instructors as well as dieticians and came up with a plan and we have been working on that plan for the last 6 months!

We wouldn’t say we are ready to run a marathon or bike the world, but we are certainly feeling better and eating more healthily and some weight has been lost – after all getting healthier is a journey and not a destination.

What’s come from our journey so far is the Go Health range of products and we hope you will love our products as much as we do.


What’s more we’d love to hear what you think too!

We know we won’t have covered all the bases and we plan to expand our range as we learn on our fitness journey. If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see, then let us know. You never know, it could be the next product added to our range.

If you would like to join us on this journey then share your story with us and we might be in touch to ask if we can feature your story in our marketing activities or, why not apply to become the face of Go Health and share your inspiration and thoughts to others and help them become fitter and healthier too.

The Go Health Team

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Our Standards

ISO 9001

Our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 accredited. This internationally recognised accreditation is awarded for maintaining a high level of safety and efficiency in all aspects of manufacturing from the traceability of raw materials to the standard of staff training.


Our manufacturing partners are BRC Accredited. Receiving the highest award from the BRC (British Retail Consortium) is the ultimate evidence of their commitment to product quality and quality management as it represents the gold standard for UK food production.


Our manufacturing partners boast 30 year’s experience in British manufacturing and utilise their own internal, internationally recognised HACCP Process which ensures a ‘no compromise’ approach to product quality and the continual improvement of all aspects of supplement manufacture.

Made in Britain

All our supplements are manufactured here in the UK and independently tested.

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