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Protecting Our Planet

All Go Health products are delivered in planet-friendly packaging. 

When we started Go Health we always knew we wanted to play our part in protecting the planet we share. Many of our team have young families and believe we all have a responsibility to do our bit in protecting the planet for now and generations to come.

We wanted to minimise the impact Go Health had on the environment and we bring this ethos to all decisions we make. From working with local suppliers where possible, to operating a paper free office environment, we believe even the small things make a difference and want Go Health to be environmentally sustainable.

When choosing our packaging supplier we researched the sustainability of potential suppliers before choosing Priory Direct. Their drive to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment mirrors our own commitment to do the same. As such all our packaging is fully recyclable, and or biodegradable, even down to the tape we use to seal the boxes.

All Go Health's tubs / containers are HDPE 2, which is not only food safe, it's also one of the easiest plastics to recycle with around 92% of councils collecting and recycling this type of packaging.

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